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Originally Posted by atf104

It's clear you have a biased opinion because of Thrive's association (namely with Shorty). It's a shame that you use personal opinion to source components as your customers in the end are the ones who suffer not having the best product available.

How can I "have a biased opinion because of Thrive's association (namely with Shorty)" when I have never met Shorty? For the record, the only person I've met from Wave Music is Paul Bell. Based on attending two of his Subwoofer Shootouts I have a good idea what Paul likes and dislikes in terms of sound in regards to bass. So his opinion would hold more weight than a person I have never met when tonal characteristics is topic off hand.

The best is based on your opinion. We have never formally met. Why should I take your word over some one I've chatted to face to face when there is such a reluctance in posting something as simplistic as the wattage figures 8 & 4 ohm loads stereo mode on the Thrive amplifiers?

I am very familiar with Crown and QSC and the amps in particular you mention. Quite frankly the amps you mention are not even in the same league. I have over 2 1/2 years now of on-site 5 day a week brutal real world testing now of the Thrive range where they have outperformed beyond any of my expectations. I also have two new venues in Philadelphia opening this Fall featuring all Thrive where you're more then happy to come and demo the amplifiers for yourself.

Thanks for the invitation. I do not do installs. My amp racks are moved about in trucks or vans at all times.

Nathan is just another example of someone in the know using Thrive. Is it the perfect amplifier? No, as Nathan said it's not a touring amp as they are heavy and built like bricks, but I don't do touring sound, just installation, so in touring applications, yes perhaps a Crown I-Tech or QSC PL amp is the more appropriate choice. However, for sharp transients, incredible high-fidelity imaging and sonic performance, there simply is no other amplifier for installed sound on the market today that compares. And yes it's THE Summit Audio.

I am happy hear you are content with Thrive Amplifiers. However the best sounding amplifier in the world will be useless if it is not powerful enough for the job.

Surely, I should not need to contact a company, listen to a marketing pitch from a salesman trying sell a product just to get the wattage figures under 8 & 4-ohm load stereo mode?

So I am asking you, as a proud Thrive user. What is the continuous average power rating under 8 & 4-ohm load stereo mode @ 20-20,000 kHz or 1 kHz in which you appear to be claiming is more powerful than the Crown 5000vz?

Those ratings are supposed to be listed in your user’s manual.

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