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Shep pettibone writes nice compliments on the Thrive Audio Isolator on (4-10-10)

Here was what he had to say on my FacebookPage,

Shep Pettibone,
Hey Shorty, Just a quick note on the Thrive Audio Isolator that has been in my system at Paradise for the last 3 years, Not only has it been totally trouble free but i wanted to tell you how it improved the overall sound quality and dynamics of my system.
The features of the Thrive Isolator like movable frequency points to choose where to cut and boost from or to use as an effect to sweep, Thanks for this great unit, and keep up the great work with new innovative products you and Thrive Audio team bring to the market. Shep Pettibone

This was an incredible comment and compliment to find from such a legend who has mixed, produced and inspired so many, his djing and Mastermix shows on kiss fm revolutionized the industry, Sheps skills and hands on knowledge of gear goes without mentioning as a true Master of the Craft.

I just wanted to share this amazing compliment from one of my heros of dance music

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