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Originally Posted by NathanShort
I will also say that The iona's I have at Level here in chicago for the past few years have had zero failures and zero individual faults.

I also use them on WS218x by Martin audio and heard a low end quality second to none, the only thing that got a wee bit louder on them over the PL380 was the Crest CA18. The Iona did make them sound like they went an extra 10Hz lower.

We also have used the Maya by Thrive , this amp definately gives the PL380 a run for its money. But the 380 is smaller and more cost effective for us right now. There are also a few items like a custom Maya HV version Shorty uses and a few things in the works for ridiculous sub bass applications.

Just keep in mind people, these are boutique install amps. Their sound only needs to be heard once. For touring, you want a tank that is bulletproof and abuse-able. Different worlds.

Don't worry though, my new OEM line is working on a PL380 killer, it will take a single 30, 2x20, or a 220v input. very flexible. It will actually do 4000w a channel, no flim flam burst ratings. Pure sine wave rated destruction.

Hi Nathan.

If I were looking for a boutique amplifier, I would design it myself using Mullard valves and Peerless transformers. The sound of valves and brass instruments is what made me fall in love with music at a very young age.

I find it more challenging (in a good way) to achieve a Hi Fidelity sound using amplifiers and loudspeakers aimed for the sound reinforcement industry. A club install can rely on walls and ceilings to achieve more dB. However, outdoors where there are no boundaries other than the ground the subs are resting on, power is essential.

If your “PL 380 killer” will offer 4000 watts per channel under sinusoidal wave conditions, it would be best if you offered the option for your customers to select the voltage type instead of having it fixed to one setting. Personally, that was the smartest thing Crown did when they designed the MA 5000vz for it will draw a total of 80 amperes at 50% duty cycle, under a 2 ohms per channel load, getting a sinusoidal wave on 120 volts.

Keep in mind, 1/8th of a power is the standard today (it is no longer 1/3rd of a power) with the biggest amplifiers made by QSC, & Crown getting pink noise. If you examine the PL 380 and, I Tech 8000 current ratings at 1/3rd of a power getting pink noise under a 2-ohm per channel load, both amplifiers begin current limiting. If the United States offered 220 – 240 volts, I doubt burst ratings would be listed on the PL 380.

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