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Originally Posted by NathanShort
Hey guys, I actually had thrive on my party at WMC.

I have done extensive testing on our Thrive Nyla's and Ionas.

I would say that the Thrive Nyla will outperform a QSC PL340 all day any day of the week. I would say that it will outperform a Lab 6400.

It will do this with massive current delivery, and a fidelity that is second to none.

I would not tour with these amps, as they are designed to deliver very fast , massive current, long term, and ultimate fidelity. They have a very special linear class A powersupply and special op amp stage on the input that is seperated from the polution of a shared power on the output stage.

Thanks Nathan.

Class A plus comparing it to Lab Gruppen 6400 & QSC PL 340 will not suit my requirements.

Best Regards,
Elliot Thompson
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