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Hey guys, I actually had thrive on my party at WMC.

I have done extensive testing on our Thrive Nyla's and Ionas.

I would say that the Thrive Nyla will outperform a QSC PL340 all day any day of the week. I would say that it will outperform a Lab 6400.

It will do this with massive current delivery, and a fidelity that is second to none.

I would not tour with these amps, as they are designed to deliver very fast , massive current, long term, and ultimate fidelity. They have a very special linear class A powersupply and special op amp stage on the input that is seperated from the polution of a shared power on the output stage.

It is a simple matter of picking the right tool for the job, and meeting your and your clients budget while delivering your best representation of product.

We chose to shock mount and use Thrive on our mids and highs. PL380's on our subs. This is the best sound for us.

I have also heard wonderful things about Studio R, and they are built for some serious abuse.

Maybe eric will build me an ugly reinforced battleship with Thrive guts.... Off to the phones!!! Maybe, I like the pretty led's!!!
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