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By sloppy, I mean the Lab amp sounded kinda bad-not what you’d want on subs. The sub shootout we did at Club Blis all those years ago showed the Crown 5000 to sound great (Elliot you were there). This is not the sound I’d describe the Lab13000 when we pushed it. Very yucky.

I know there is (or was) a website for Thrive Audio but I can’t find it just now. It did not have specs but did have a lot of flash website stuff. I’m sure somebody will jump in with a link, perhaps the site is upgraded with numbers and useful information by now.

There’s been a sub amp shootout going on in Pensacola Florida. I had a QSC PL9.0 on hand for it. They also reviewed amps from FFA, Mc2 and Powersoft.

The amps were pushed very hard with very low frequency music into 2 Ohms per channel. My PL9.0 simply could not follow this as I’m sure the loads dipped below 2 Ohms. From what I’m reading, the Mc2, Studio R and FFA amps did very well. FWIW, these amps are powered at 208 volts. Of all of them, the Studio R unit is the only one that never complained even when over driven. My PL9.0 is older technology and I figured the newer stuff would walk away from it. It being powered at 110 Volts limited to 30 Amps certainly came into play.

These tests were done at extreme levels with many thousands of watts going to the speakers. The levels were pretty violent.

I don’t think it’s fair to compare Thrive amps to any of these. These amps are designed for very high power levels. Case in point, the FFA has dual 30 amp plugs at 208 volts. Thrive is geared more towards boutique installs, not concert touring rigs.

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