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Originally Posted by pbellsound
Well, I will say this:

Late last summer, David Lee and I did a little sub demo for a client in Brooklyn. All testing
was done on a PL9.0. When we moved to the SP218 DUB-ILL, we switched to a Lab Grupin
13000. While it did go a bit louder than the 9.0, it sounded pretty bad at speed. No control, sloppy, etc.

The SP218 is a pretty high powered box. Dave has tested it with a PL6.0 bridged all out into one cabinet
without any issues. It has the Faital XL18 drivers in it.

I stuffed a pair of them into my truck in Miami so I have some for demo use here in NYC.

I remember that date Paul. I am still beating myself for missing that event.

By "Sloppy" I would imagine the Lab Guppen sounds similiar to Crown based on having an idea the type of bass you prefer.

Where does the Studio R stand amongst the two (Crown & QSC)?

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