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Originally Posted by Elliot Thompson
Thanks for your input.

I highly doubt Thrive Audio(?) offers amplifiers that are larger than what I am currently using (Crown MA 5000vz/QSC PL 6.0) based on a few photos I've seen posted on wave music.

However, I am willing to give them the benefit of doubt so, if you have a PDF manual on their largest amplifier and/or a website, I will explore their features.

Best Regards,

I am not a Thrive dealer, but if you call Eric @ Summit Audio I'm sure he will be glad to help you out. All of their amps are readily available, prices are reasonable and technical specifications are available.

So let me ask you a question, if tomorrow Richard Long came back to life and created a new product, would you ask him to validate his products with in-depth specifications or trust his background and knowledge to create a great product? You guys are trying to question a company that only makes some of the finest equipment in the world. I'm not saying Studio R is a bad amp but why would I want to order an amp from some foreign country by a brand I know only through 3rd person word of mouth when I can order an American made product built by one of the most reputable brands in the biz? That's just me.. what can I say.

Regarding the MA5000 or 3600 for that matter. I can comfortably say the top two amps from Thrive will have no problem keeping up with your MT's or QSC's.

I'm just curious who did the main state at Ultra?
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