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Originally Posted by Elliot Thompson
I've been watching Studio R ever since some one in Germany suggested I should explore them in 2006.

What is the status with the company?

How does the X 12 compare to the PL 9.0?

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I heard someone talk about Studio R last year, it's on par with Lab Gruppen. However after almost 3 years of continuous 5 day a week field testing with Thrive at my first venue in Philly, I've come to the conclusion there really is nothing in the world on par with Thrive. And I've A/B'd it against Lab stuff for fidelity which it left a room full of people amazed how much better it actually sounded then a Lab amp.

I'm doing two new larger venues in Philly this Fall with all Thrive. It truly is the best on Earth right now, you guys should give it a look. I mean it's Summit Audio, what else need be said.
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