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what a week, I have not worked this much since Taste of Chicago last year, and even then not 5-6 20+ hr days in a row. But we really rocked it, and brought something new to this WMC. I really have to thank Shorty for the hook up on Thrive amps back in the day. People who have "our" speakers all over the world and even one in Vegas who got sold some prototypes from Lord, could not believe what they were hearing. It came down to this, they did not have our amps, cables, power, or my tuning. So many flights to take in the next two months to redo and spec new rigs for prospective clients, my head is spinning. Unbelievable. One promoter handed over 5K in cash and said "you are not going home with these DJ monitors. They are mine now."

Unbelievable. I have been working on this for so long, and with a lot of support from my heroes and peers. Thanks to all. P.S. we tracked down the subwoofer guy, the cops wont help us, but we have emailed him and informed him the cops have his yahoo email, facebook, skype, and address which I tracked down online after he sent us an email about settings for his "new Stasys X" he needed info on. Uh,,, duh, there are only 4 existing in the US and 4 in Mexico. for now. We will see what happens tomorrow, before I publish all his info online and ask for help.

Cheers people. Plenty of pics on my facebook and video. More to follow.
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