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This is such a cool and interesting event. With so many different stages, it’s like eight concerts rolled into one.
I don’t think you’ll find this diversity of sound gear in use at the same time any where else. There were two
stages with DAS, three with full Bassmaxx systems as well as subs on two more, a D&B line array, Function One
rig, L-Acoustics on the main stage as monitors, my McCauley stuff in a few spots and one small powered JBL rig.

I met the owners & engineers from Studio R, a Brazilian amplifier company. This is the stuff to watch boys.

The stage I stationed myself on was a mess of DJ’s coming and going, some with their own needs. It was hectic
but we got it on pretty good. My guy Matt had to dodge the flying paint in the Day Glow tent.

I met up with George from Integral as I was transporting some stuff for him. They had some pretty healthy
parties going on for Winter Music Conference.

Ultra Music Festival was a complete sell out at 50,000 peeps each of the two days. It was announced that next
year it’ll be a three day event.

Despite the hard work and long drive, we had a good time and met some new and interesting people. We’re
looking forward to doing it again. Are you ready Dino?

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