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PBell Sound provided sound systems for two full stages and monitoring for one more.
While I used my McCauley stuff for monitors, the subs are all Bassmaxx and tops provided
by Bassmaxx which are their new triple twelve three way box. Bassmaxx and other Bassmaxx
gear owners provided a full system for the “UMF Bubble”, main stage subs and side fill subs and tops.

There's lots of video & lighting.

24 X Bassmaxx SP218 DUB-ILL subs

Bassmaxx BZERO-B subs with line arrays

D&B: 16 X J12 and 12 X J-Sub per side

My stage showing the new Bassmaxx triple 12 mid/high

Got power?

Bassmaxx Z5000 subs with smaller bassmaxx line array

Bassmaxx line array, Deuce and SP218 subs

Search on youtube for "sonic forest". Way cool!

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