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A Word from Gary Stewart

First off I would like to thank FK for his kindness and generosity to allow all of us to have such a wonderful forum such as wave music. We must always respect his gift.

New York this June, 2010 is in store for a real special treat. Some of you who know what amazing sound RLA was able to produce in the past and for the new younger generation of people who have never had such a sonic experience of mind, Body & Soul. Are about to experience what New York had in the 1980’s. GSA is going to produce a sound system that all the other club owners in the industry will be jealous of. NY is once again going to have a real RLA style sound system. I am very happy to join with the past and currant owner of Richard Long & Associates, Mr. Kenny Powers. Kenny and I have worked together in the past on other GSA projects. His shown experience has earned Kenny the utmost respect from me and Richard Long, Which is why Richard made him his right hand man from the moment they met back in 1980. We at GSA are so happy and thankful to have been chosen for this special project. Our contribution to the dance music scene is truly from the heart. We wish all of our believers to enjoy life, be happy and please keep dance music alive!
God Bless,
Gary Stewart

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