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The reason that i Have the Xone 92 is simple, It's like a miniconsole, So its not seen on the pics but i use 2 fx processors, the other one is a Digitech rack unit, What i do is send the 2 sends and returns one for each unit, FX 500 and Digitech rack unit.

That way i can have Fx on the channel i want and be more creative, that came long ago learning from sound ingeniers, they work ina similar way adding fx on vocals and delays on certain passages,

The keyboard is a Remote 25 There i manipulate more fx from traktor, pitch, play cue, etc etc The audio card is a simple M Audio fast Track pro, perfect and small.

Hope it helps, Xone 64 is bigger but have the same features of sends and returns right? The lap is a Toshiba Core Duo with 2gb ram, On its way my new F Series From Vaio Core I7 4gb ram DDR3
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