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Originally Posted by jnkarrik
<looks around to make sure the coast is clear...>

Then who would cook mah dinner!!??

Yes, I got the crossover from Ed. Thought I may never have another chance to score an original (i.e. not the rane version), so I jumped all over that BIN. The Wife almost put ME in storage over that....good thing she has a shoe/handbag addiction herself.

Mr. Soul, I will be happy to make room in the console somewhere for my gold plated award.
LOL! So true, so true!

I say this, you only have to buy that RLA once, and even if you were to decide you don't like it? You put it on ebay, it will fly! So, you won't lose!

So, the wife has a bit of the "Imelda Marcos" thing going on? So? What's wrong with shopping for new shoes, while wearing new shoes?

Mr. Scott Fitlin
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