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Originally Posted by charles0322
I WANT ONE!!!! That is awesome modding!!!!
Thanks! I'm happy to hear, that other people like it. But this is really no big thing. There is no technical change. Just replaced the faders with RK27 pots, new designed faceplate (okay, that took me a bit time) and some new knobs.

If you would have all the material and my file for the face plate, then you could do this too in a few hours. There's no need of real technical experience.

But, I must say, this rane is a really nice mixer to do this mod. You can get a high quality rotary mixer with very interesting features (2 master inserts(!), adjustable sensitivity of the programm meter, adjustable master gain reduction, optional mono outputs, 3 adjustable outputs, phantom power for mic input and a fine master equalizer. And the crossfader can be disengaged (what most people on this forum would prefer, I think...).
And the sound is really not bad and has the warmth that many people like.
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