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Originally Posted by 7.8hertz
Congrats! Looks like its a killer system.

Ive got one question. Do you feel you loose anything running your vinyl through the Serato box or are the turntables mainly there as controllers?



you do loose some, your going thru another circuit, so you will loose, question is how revealing is the system u have it in, will reveal jus how much or little u loose, the higher quality your system is, the more it will reveal and truthful it will be.

Unfortunatly with a Audiophile system of this size and caliber it can and will be noticable, every lil detail will be exposed. in a small bedroom system with powered speakers you might not hear a diff, but that depends on how good your ear is.

I know i heard it in Stereolab when i went from the 3rd phono with no box, to the 2nd Phono with it goin thru the box, and heard it

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