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Forums are now open...

Greetings everyone,

After this regrettable timeout, we are back in business!

We will be coming out with a more specific set of rules, but in the meantime let's see what happens when we reopen.
Since this community is made up of adults, we would think that acting like children is not part of the course.... right?

We are hopeful that those who want to discuss audio matters (rather than use this as a way to promote their products)
will be doing so here as they have always been.

Please be aware that drama will just be dealt with very expediently, that is posts will be removed at our discretion,
and users that insist on stirring up controversy will be dealt with accordingly.

Thread hijacking will also not be looked upon with kindness, and perhaps for this purpose we will open another sub-forum
caled 'Trah Bin' where all such posts will be moved to.

We're happy to hear that another audio gear board has recently started, and wish them the best of luck in their endeavor.
No foul slandering language shall be tolerated about them or anyone else on these forums... Thank you.

Stay tuned, and happy focused posting.

Wave Music Forums.
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