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Originally Posted by marcellus
Stop the unnecessary, unprovoked attacks! If you don't like his product don't buy them. If you have a personal issue with the man himself, take it up with him like a man instead of posting under fake names and questioning someones character. Stick to doing your sound installations and fixing your mixers as I'm sure he will continue doing what he does best.....creating outstanding sound systems. That is all.


Not sure if you remember but there was a time when Craig/Shorty was turning every thread into a sales pitch. It got a tad annoying, to say the least. I think certain parties not only got annoyed by this behavior, but took the stance that if he was going to treat this board as his own personal sales room that he should be a bit more honest with his personal claims. I think what we are seeing here is a bubbling up of this situation. I am, like most things in life, probably wrong in this insight. But hey, its just my 2 cents.