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from the beginning......

I first met Shorty @ Stereo, Mr. Morales introduced me to him. The next night I was at the club and it was in full swing. I had not been to a large club like that in years, but i was interested to hear this sound system everyone was talking about..... let me say that what i heard that night, was something different, a sound system that was taken to the next level, i always knew that David would work the hell out of systems, but this system was taking it and had a lot more head room to go, after that night I went back home and could not stop talking about it, when some thing or someone leaves an impression you never forget it, like the early conversations i had with larry, walter, shep, junior, tee, bruce forest, david mancuso, and countless others you never forget..... and as many parties that i have been too i do remember the ones that left me speechless....that night at stereo will always stay with me, hell i liked it so much that i went back to make sure it was not a fluke. During, that night i really listen...... i came to realize that this guy who installed the system was on to something new and refreshing. I was so excited because i was witness to the beginning of something very new and profound..... i lost contact with him after that night.... but a few years later we ran into each other...... he showed me what he was doing and he explained what his approach was and since then he has not stopped.....he is someone that is changing the scope of where sound systems should be at today....with the change in music so too should systems change...... i love it when someone has a different approach to an old principle, when it comes to sound shorty listens to others and has always been receptive to new information. On his systems you can played the new stuff, but really get a lot out of the old stuff. Yes, to all regarding Systems By Shorty, look out because "Things Change, When you Change the way You LOOK AT THEM. You see shorty does not rely on the RLA format, he has moved it to another level. Where some can't understand it, but some do. I do because from what i learned, hanging with Larry, is that it should never, never, never become stale, you got to be always be changing and creating the new thing, that's how you stay ahead of the pack..... you have to be innovating, and prepared to take chances.
Systems By Shorty does just that !!

thank you for allowing me to share "/

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