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Dear Ed as I said in the past I'm new new in this forum. All I did is ask a few basic questions about this product & out of all the questions I asked I only received one answer & more questions. Why are we comparing a product to any one else all I was intrested is what the cost was, how fast can I get one & if I can try one. Now with that been said I found out that I need to speak to shorty so why you keep giving me the answer & not shorty. Now to answer your question I feel it really doesn't matter who djhobo is but I don't answer a qestion with another question. My name is vito I'm from N.J. & I reading that shorty is from jersey so I feel it would be better to deal with someone local. I own one restaurant & opening two more with one of them turning into a lounge after hours this is why I've been doing research on this forum & others about many products & this happen to be one of them.
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