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Originally Posted by edwardcampbell
To answer all questions, you can actually hook up one amp from the full range output of the SBS, providing you have a well designed full range cabinet. Or you can add an additional active 3 or 4 way crossover on the full range output to have better control over your full range.

My Question to those who:

What components are involved in your set up?

What made gravitate towards RLA designs?

What year did you hear an RLA system ?

What would be classified as the premium RLA system of all time ?

Who did RLA compete with during those years ?

What club did RLA combine with another installer ?

And who is DJ HOBO ?

1. Don't have a dj set up tpe system
2.Just liked the systems a Zanzibar, Club 88, and Cheetahs
3. '87
4.I believe Rosner, Feldman, Graebar(sp?)
5. I'm going with The Garage or The Loft
6. Don't know. Maybe he'll be nice an introduce himself.
As Pointed out by the thorough Mr. Campbell.... the premium RLA System was All Of Them. Each had their own uniqueness about them. Plenty of info on PG and 54 as they were the most popular of his systems. He had many outstanding systems Zanzibar, Club 88, Cheetahs (Paterson,NJ), Melon's (as mentioned by Mr. Campbell), Nell's, Regine's, Cesoir. I might be mistaken but I think that Empire Rolling Rink had an RLA system. Didn't pay that much attention to it as there were too many fine woman in there!

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