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Thanks again

Originally Posted by edwardcampbell
What other's don't understand, the SBS crossover is a great unit. I have used and worked with alot of equipment, however I find the SBS crossover is the unit for today. We all love RLA for what it has created. SBS is for today. I highly recommend a SBS crossover, quality, sound and durability. I have an X-5000 which works well. However, I do enjoy using the SBS crossover, great piece. I am speaking from experince using the unit nothing else.

Ed you are prob one of thee most knowledgable and skilled guys i know in this buis & you really understand how these xovers should work, respond and def the way it should sound, so coming from a educated guy like yourself makes the compliment & reply that much greater.

I voiced the SBS S3X to be a very quiet unit & very very HIFI (which is exactly how you described the S3X and my system at my home, you said this is HIFI this is NOT Pro audio even thou it is Pro Audio). But it was designed how my systems are designed, just to sound amazing with any kind of music passed thru it, be it jazz, classical, disco, r&b / funk, electronica.

With my special process of giving this unit the kind of tone that i wanted, and thought was proper for my unit to sound, NOT to sound like another piece that is out there already or done before It was designed and voiced to lend itself to work amazing with the new recording and download technology to play proper be it WAV, MP# Vinyl, just anything thrown at it new or old. To get this Xover to sound and work rt it took me literally 3 years, looks like i was rt with how i voiced it with the way you described it.

If you recall when i 1st told you about it on the phone, i said It is my vision of what i feel sounds rt on SBS systems, i didnt design this to mimick another product, if you like the way it sounds great and YOU can get one if you like, but if you disagree and are not a fan of it thats great to, but it was designed how i feel it should sound and operate on SBS Systems,, and when you said to me this piece is IT, no need for the RLA no more, i said really, you said time to put away the RLA, it had its time, now THIS is the one.

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