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Private SBS & Thrive Audio Pre production Listening Party

Im thinkin about having some Wave Members over to my home to Private listening party to check out some new gear with some snacks and refreshments, I have been wanting to do this for a while and am thinkin about doing it soon.

I will have prototype products to listen to, we can do cable tests, listen to vinyl vs cd, cd with and without dacs, a dac shootout possibly,check out the the SBS TAD Loaded Cabinets, Thrive Audio Isolator, Bender, Bad Neighbor,Cutter, All our amps, SBS S3X xover, talk audio fun stuff.

Im thinkin 5-10 people. Ill talk to Ed Campbell im sure he will be on hand for this as we have spoken about doing this for a while, however I will need to schedule it around everyones schedule. I wanna arrange a date so guys can hear all kinds of music on my prototype sound system.

PM ME so i can add names to the list, Because of the size of this system i cannot do late hours it has to be during the day in the week so i dont desturb neighbors

Let me know if some of you are up for this,

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