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Originally Posted by marcellus
I don't think anyone will go wrong with either one of these brands. My ears were just telling me that the Lightspeed unit was the one I thought gave the system that was hooked into it the warmth, depth, clarity, and detail for the price range. Everything IMO was just perfect and the music was lifelike. They played jazz,rock, country, disco, classical (Bach man....come on Bach!!)! WOW!!!

i have heard alot of these units and were never blown away by them, i have a richard grey sinewave cleaner and it works good, but not like these at all.

So im gunna buy 2 of the Lightspeed large Conditioners, 1 for the console so i can plug the mixer, turntables, Thrive Audio Isolator, Bad Neighbor, Bender & SBS S3X xover in the Analog AC inputs, and CD players & Lavry DA10s products in the Digital AC input of the power conditioner.

The other Lightspeed for all my Custom Thrive Audio amps and Custom Marchand Xovers in the Analog AC inputs, and my Burners in the digital AC inputs in the amprack.
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