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Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
The ET 703 is not discontinued.

For home hifi sound on this level there is only 1 product to use imho and thats TAD, and why the jbl 2226, 2441 & 2405 product in this system will be sold off, so the system is up to proper standards for hifi audiophile playback and work properly with the 3 Levinson No. 331 amps.

For commercial in the club systems i have ALOT of stock of 2402s and 2405s for the club systems i Design and sell. so that is not a problem for me.

There are a few tweeters i have demoed that sound nice, but they shall remain nameless at this time till i sell all my jbl products out of stock

Cool! I thought the ET-703 was discontinued, glad to know I was wrong. As for keeping the other tweeters all to yourself.........
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