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Not true

Originally Posted by marcellus
shots of the loaded console...kudos. The tweeter you are using, the TAD ET-703 aren't they discontinued? Besides used JBL tweeters, are there any slot or bullet tweeters that you recommend?

The ET 703 is not discontinued.

For home hifi sound on this level there is only 1 product to use imho and thats TAD, and why the jbl 2226, 2441 & 2405 product in this system will be sold off, so the system is up to proper standards for hifi audiophile playback and work properly with the 3 Levinson No. 331 amps.

i have ALOT of stock of 2402s and 2405s for the club systems i Design and sell. so that is not a problem for me.

There are a few tweeters i have demoed that sound nice, but they shall remain nameless at this time till i sell all my jbl products out of stock

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