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Yea these

Originally Posted by marcellus
How do you and your client like these? Very nice indeed. No current limiting. These are way better than the standard power conditioners. IMHO the only one slightly better is the ByBee power purifier AC conditioner.

are IT, the standards that are typically used are in no way in the league of the Lightspeed from Japan, though this is not as good as the Main lightspeed unit we are using for the amps and digital products. We also have the large unit for the main system that is a ref series unit that is just un real when im back in the office ill post a pic of this unit.

Id have to try the Bybee unit and see how much or little better it is or isnt. These Lightspeed power units are just incredible, the large unit is about $1,000.00 ill be picking a few up cause i am redoing all my conditioners with the Lightspeed products in my home ref system. It will open up the imaging and sepration of my system and will run quieter.

I will try the Bybee and see what is better
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