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here are some finished

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
I`m currently doing a HIFI system for a home and we designed a classic SBS console in TEAK wood.The entire console and legs is constructed with glue only. My client did not want to see any staple, nail or screw holes filled and sanded, he wanted it in a natural state with no punctures with beefy looking legs. At the bottom of the Reel to Reel section is a 2 RU space for a HHB CD Burner

The console will hold 2 turntables, 2 cdj players, Technics RS 1500 reel to reel, with a Thrive Isolator & 1620 mixer @ his request, In the future he is getting the Thrive Audio Bender program EQ to improve the playback of the system with eq capability per song. We are using Lavry Black dacs, and 3 Mark Levinson No. 331 amps. I will be Modifying Marchand xovers for the control over the system

We are trying different speakers before he decides on what he will use permenantly, at the moment he has Original jbl 4520s with 2225 drivers and TAD TH 4001 wood horns with JBL 2240 drivers. He is has not been happy at all with the speakers in the past with a few different amps & He recently purchased the Thrive Isolator and cant believe the improvements it made on the system but is still unhappy with the limitations this system has.

We will be trying Ausberger tops in Mohagany and Ausbergers subs in black he will most likely decide that these will replace the old JBL set up. The Ausbergers are TAD loaded, 2 TL 1603 for subbass 1 per cabinet, 4 TAD TL1603s for main Bass 2 per cabinet, 1 TAD TD 4001 on a TAD TH 4001 wood Horn. I will be building him mirror image Mohagany cabinets for 2 TAD ET 703 tweeters 1 per side, top end amp is most likely Levinson knowing my clients taste.

I will have better pics when this is installed in his home. Here are some ruff photos

pics of the console, the system still has to be wired up, and more gear will be added and installed in the SBS Elegance series console.

Ill have to post pics on 3 replies cause of the amount i took today. Ill add a gear list in the pics as well so people can see what is being used in this SBS Audiophile system. Hope you enjoy them.

pic 1, SBS custom crate
pic 2, top off crate and SBS console shown
pic 3, SBS Elegance Series Teak wood console
pic 4, side shot of console
pic 5, Light speed high end conditioner,
modified Audio technology meter,
Thrive Audio Isolator,
Orig Bozak Mixer
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