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Some more thoughts: Need for Pro Sound Installers Sub-Forum

Hey guys, sorry I cannot babysit this all the time, I am traveling all around the planet right now and this is why I entrusted Scotty with this.

I have given a great deal of thought to this, and feel that the only way to solve it equitably without everyone braying murder is to have a separate forum for sound installers to rep and discuss their products. There is obviously a lot to win or lose for them, and they are only obeying the market forces which dictate that for their products to succeed they have to present themselves better than their competitors.

This forum here should be for normal people, and users as well as those looking for knowledge and want to have discussions on what they do. Including sound installers, if they are just helping someone out with something unrelated to their commercial products. For general discussion among peers, and sharing of knowledge without a commercial motive. "Fun" and "For The Love Of It" (remember that?)

So I am making another poll of my own for this simple question:

Should we split the forum into a professional section where sound installers and manufacturers are allowed to present and discuss their commercial offerings?

We would only allow people who are known professionals in the field to advertise and discuss their products and services in that separate sub-forum. Shills for manufacturers can also easily be found out over time. This main forum here should only be used for general discussion, and users reporting their experience. At the mods' discretion, if we find certain users abusing this and constantly pushing for a specific installer's products, they will be dealt with just as well.

That's the gist of it. You guys have created a great community, and it's going to be up to you to grow up with it, and admit that commercial interests do over time tend to pollute things and make matters murky, because there is too much at stake with those who make a living out of this. Being that I personally know a lot of you guys, it makes it even harder for me to take sides. So I can only recommend the solution that does not seem to discriminate here...

At this time I am pretty sure that this will be done, out of respect I am just trying to get an opinion from everyone first.

I know we asked this before, but it was a more general question, this time it is very specific to only sound installers and manufacturers having their own area.
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