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True it wasent

Originally Posted by T. Tauri
Not really, and especially this year!

T. Tauri

as large as in the past, but it was all high quality products at this show.
ill take a medium sized show with a majority of hifi products like this anytime over a large show with mid to low fi dominated products.

Originally Posted by deepending
Looks like a blast to be there... Check the Day 3 Highlights video clip from 1:45 in, they show and mention the Thrive Audio amplifiers and "pro level dj stuff"... well done to make the highlights reel like that, I can only imagine there is endless amounts of new gear there!

Thanks, It was great and a honor to make the high light reel as well with such great products spoken about and not mentioned on the coverage,as we did not expect this. is viewed by thousands & thousands of people, as its a huge followed magazine for products.

This show and site has gotten us great exposure and interest in the line from consumers so far, We have been getting alot of emails for our products that want to purchase from us, and it should bring dealer interest that we havent had a chance to hit yet. Thanks for your nice post

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