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2009 Aes

This was a great show from all aspects, for 1, It was incredible for Thrive we picked up dealers State side, globally & took in large international orders at the show for the entire line. All 4 processors, The Isolator, Cutter, Bender, Bad Neighbor and all our amps.

We made incredible contacts from introducing the line for the first time to the public as well, Many Instalation companys loved the line to for there club installs, they loved all our processors their features and our amps. People are very excited about all the Thrive products, specialized retail outlets are very interested in carrying the line as well to sell to comercial & private studios.

As Sanjay has said it was a very high end show, 90 % top shelf products everywhere you walked the floor, SSL, Neave feat in the Ocean way Booth, you name the high end brand, they were there.

Summit had quite a buzz with all of there products and the new Everest, what a amazing piece its crazy what you can do with this 4 in 1 processor.

Bricasti reverb is just awesome great trafic to this product in our booth as well, I cant wait for there new DAC I seen the prototype its unreal and these will be in SBS systems for sure.

Tape machines for studios were big talk as well, guys in studios are going back to 24 track 2 in, then into Pro tools from what was said. i seen some nice booths with tape machines and even booths with companys selling tape again.

Focal had a great demo booth rt next to Summit, Bricasti and Thrive. Adam Monitors were un real to say the least. FK and i listened to a briliant 5 channel system that was amazing, I ran into him at the Adam booth as they were near us.

Alan Sides of Ocean way Studios was great to see and speak with, as was his main engineer was great to speak with as well, we literally spoke for over 2 hours about so much stuff with his and our products, he is really introducing incredible products & really knows his vintage audio. He owns the finest vintage mic collection in the country and possibly globally.

Alan is a amazing guy, he is WELL respected in the industry. If you wanna find out more about his studio google Ocean way studios, and see who has mixed and recorded music at Ocean way studios. Every major artist of our time in every genre of music has made records in his studio or mastered them as well.

Here is a video link on alot of new products introduced that can be seen in a video and explained a bit. Enjoy

I put up some pics of AES on my Facebook page for people that wanna check them out,

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