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Thrive and AES

I had the pleasure of attending AES in New York yesterday, and let me say that this is one high quality event. It truly is the best of the best and the leading edge of audio engineering. I had a chance to swing by the Thrive booth to meet with the people from Summit Audio and the team from Bricasti. It was a very impressive display to say the least. There was a huge amount of interest in the Thrive gear, from seasoned engineers to international buyers and distributors.

I also got to meet up with David Bryce, who is the man responsible for picking up the Adam Audio line over 8 years ago and taking it to a mult-million dollar business. He's now working for Thrive, and I can only imagine what great things he is going to do for Thrive. "Amplifiers for Men," he calls them. He's not kidding ... I have a bunch of Thrive Amps in my setup, and they kick the pants off of anything I've heard ... And I have gone through MANY, from both the high-end pro world and the ultra-high end audiophile world.

I also stopped by to see Allen Sides from Ocean Way Recording, and spent a good half hour talking to him about his monitoring systems, recording and overseas markets. Turns out he has a few Thrive Nyla's and is really anxious to get them into his system.

Max respect to Shorty on this one. I'm really happy for you and the Thrive team ... Sounds like things are ready to go big time. Congrats!
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