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So i got everything

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
I am proud to announce that some of the Thrive Audio products will be on display this year @ the 2009 AES show.

Thrive Audio will be in the same booth as Summit Audio along with some other amazing products Summit distributes as well at the Legendary Jacob Javits Center.

I will be on hand in the Booth answering questions about the Thrive product line, so if your at this years show come on by and say hello.

I have to say, its amazing to imagine a vision you have in your mind of what is needed for a high quality product line to be used in many applications comes to life. Exactly how you vision it to be, with such amazing people and brilliant engineers that share the same vision as you do. Then use it in many applications where people really enjoy it & then to have it displayed to thousands of people in such a legendary building with such a high quality product line, Summit Audio at AES.

Just to think that, a product line that was a great conversation between myself and Eric on what should be designed for the High End market, turns into a reality and then comes to life with what we offer now & what we will come out with and make available in the future. We have so many great concepts we want to introduce that we feel is much needed in the field.

I never thought a product line that was at 1st only a high quality Isolator grew into such a wide range of products for a HIFI pro audio market, that will now be displayed in a prestigious booth with a legendary company such as Summit Audio. I am very happy about this, its a amazing achievement.

I will announce what products we will have at AES this year in a few days. Hope to see and meet people from wave @ AES this year.

Set up today in the Javits started takin pics will post some after the show is over, we will have some amazing products that Will Display for AES in the rack,
The Thrive audio Bender Program EQ,The 5 way Vacuum Tube Isolator,The 3 way Cutter our entry Level Isolator. As for amps as posted above, The Syla,The Reya & The Maya. Sting Intl hooked us up with the Rack, MUCH props to him

Hope to see some people from Wave this weekend @ Javits, Thrive will Be in the Summit Audio booth along side Bricasti products look for the Dancing VU meters in the Amp rack. Bricasti is know for the best reverbs on the Market, Just like all the Summit products are known for, & Lauten Audio Microphones, so i will be around some incredible products & in great company for the show.

We are next to amazing products with great floor placement next to Genelec, Focal and the Yamaha huge demo 18 wheeler.

So if you guys are at the show come say hello would love to see some wave Members.
We made up nice hand outs on Thrive, with a Official AES press release on Thrive Audio By Summit Audio.

Its amazing watching this amazing space transform into the show should be amazing show this year.

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