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Here is a post i replied to

Originally Posted by deepending
AES Audio Show... wow, this weekend. Anybody going? Take a camera!

Would like to hear about some Thrive gear, specifically the Cutter. I'm interested in the unit but haven't read any reviews. Anybody see one in the wild?

On the Cutter

The cutter is not designed with any set frequencies like other units, it has user selectable plug in xover freq cards, the cards plug in to the board so you set your iso up the way you see fit, so its flexible for the end user and gives you options to have it how you like it on your system.

It is the same solid state circuit as our Isolator, but without the features so its basicly the same unit with minor changes & less the features as the isolator For 950.00 USD, and a 3 yr Parts and Labor warrenty

Factory avail freq choices/cards the Cutter our 2nd Isolator offers is

120hz, 300, 350 & 400hz low

2.4, 4.7,6.3, 9K High choices

Custom plug in freq cards will be avail by client request, so you have your desired turn over freq choice, if these choices are not what you desire and suit your application.

The additional custom cards for Cutter are for a small fee, less than 20.00 USD & are extreamily simple to install, simply plug the freq card in, and there you go

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