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Home n/c have perchaced gear of us before, That’s right I remember asking their house guy about the system, the new owners of Home changed the system (I think it was due to the stacks being to big) they probably didn’t appreciate or understand it. I have had some of my best work thrown out by new owners of clubs because there sound guys didn’t recognize the brand of the gear or some rubbish like that, you would think they would just call me to find out what is going on!

In the early 90’s I left Chevron N/C in the hands of a new house tech as I was too busy, I was hired again 2years later to find that half the subs had been blown and when the house tech got them reconed and reinstalled them he wired them out-of-phase, so half of the sub were in and half were out of phase. Plus he had blown 2 out of the 6 compression drivers. So his solution was to add 4 more subs (completely different cabinets) & 4 twin 15” & 2” cabinets (badly homemade cabinets). So I came back to a club that was a complete mess sound wise but all I had to do was re-wire the subs & recone a lot of the mid/hi drivers and horns and the system was running perfectly again!

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