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Originally Posted by clubman5
And, I say to you, the DJ,s that didn't know anything about a crossover like the SDX, now know they ONLY your system has it, and sounds special, and IS fun to spin on!

Unless the system Steve did years ago still exists. But, even if it does, not everyone gets to spin on it. I don't remember the name of the room, but he did do one in Australia.

OTOH, it is 2009, a whole new generation, and crop of DJ,s that never knew the RLA or Phazon eras, but, introduce them to this style of gear and sound, and THEY WILL WANT IT!

i think steve did a home nightclub install in sydney. it doesnt sound the same any more, it was very nice when it was in there, now its a joke, its soo loud you have to leave after listening to it for more then 20 minutes. even dj's complained so much that one of the internationals who was visiting said it made him deaf.
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