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Kieren, you can create your own market. Let people hear and try it, let em know they can rent them from you If they like it once they have tried it.

In 1994, we redid the system, at a club I worked at, The Warsaw Ballroom, Miami Beach, and only old skool NY club heads and DJ,s really knew about the Richard Long 3 way xover. Working the xover was distinctly a NY thing, and we put an RLA into warsaw, and everyone saw the THREE RED KNOBS, and the xover craze got started again. What are the 3 red knobs they keep turning to make the bass and highs change?

Steve Dash was selling systems all over the world, with his version of the 3 way, and what was once pretty much a NY thing, with a few notable spots in other major cities, like Chicago, Miami, and a few others, and a few in other countries, and it became world known, and everyone wanted it.

Possibility suggests that IF DJ,s in your city and country know about the iso-3001, they might want it too.

Create a market, and demand!
Mr. Scott Fitlin

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