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I must admit I am a buyer of expensive gear but sometime you get your money’s worth and sometimes you don’t. Actually you could say that about lots of products, I bought a T-shirt at K-mart a couple of years ago to work in for $15 and I still wear it when I am working on my house, then last year I went into a trendy/cool/hip shop when I was in Perth and bought a nice T-Shirt for $60 and it lasted about 6 months of being worn to DJ gigs “no hard workshop or under the hotrod hours” and a couple of threads were coming out and the color was fading…… I love going off subject !!!!!!!

The ISO3001 is perfect for me as it is priced at a price I can sell to clients, and after hearing it I am defiantly going to get one for our hire department I wonder if I would get hires for a isolator in Australia “probably not but that never stopped me before” ….
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