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Originally Posted by pbellsound
Mario, what input did Gary have in these units?

I remember seeing in his Yonkers shop many really good looking GSA circuit boards.

Does Gary frequent here? Perhaps he can drop in and offer a few good words.

I'm considering getting one for my rental stock.


The units we designed have rca inputs made to go threw the effect loop of any mixer.

Gary reads on occasions but a bit busy out in Vegas with work & family. He will be in NY soon for another GSA INSTALL. When he gets in we will get together.

Here is a photo of the back of the unit. This was the first run a few cahnges to the screening and faceplates now with reversed anodized.

Send me an email , I could get you a unit to demo or your welcome to stop by and see the units here in Jersey.

We have them in stock and we can have production runs made in 2 weeks.

Mario G.

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