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Technical - No No's On How To Hook Up An Isolator

Originally Posted by Kevin James
When you say Cielo Installed the GSA Iso, is that just for the event pictured, or as a permanent part of there setup? There shitty Bozak is still clearly visible in the pic as well lol


This was the first time I was ever @ Cielo. The club has a small F-1 system with a UREI LE & the Bozak ISO. I had asked them to demo the unit for a few weeks. The Sound Tech Installed the GSA ISO LOOPED THREW THE BOZAK ISO & then looped threw the pioneer efx1000 effect unit. (gain gain gain / ouch) ?? WHY / ONLY THERE SOUND TECH. KNOWS THIS ANSWER >>>>>

When I was in the booth I watched the system constantly peak in the RED. The DJ had the Pioneer efx1000 effect unit installed (not threw the GSA unit) also the BOZAK ISO knobs where full UP then messing with the GSA ISO FULLY TURNING THE KNOBS ALL THE WAY. I was not happy with the outcome of this demo. There sound system did not sound good causing a bad demo night.......

This morning I spoke to the sound tech. and explained that to many devices with gain inserted in the effect loop will cause any mixer to overload.
I explained to the sound tech, what needs to be done, such as install the GSA ISO3001 DIRECT TO THE UREI LE EFFECT LOOP AND THEN INSTALL THE PIONEER EFX1000 UNIT IN THE EFFECT LOOP OF THE GSA ISOLATOR & REMOVE THE BOZAK ISO TOTALLY from the circut. This will give THE GSA ISO3001 THE PROPER DEMO NEEDED.

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