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I undrstand things, I understand some throw comments, and how WE have ALL the OUTRAGEOULY OVERPRICED Corporate Amercian Corporation BEAN COUNTER PRODUCTS, and We arent satisfied with things, along comes someone and makes something that WORKS, and sells it for reasonable pricing, HE SOLD OUT IN 2 WEEKS!

I was 15, and I was hanging in the city already, you could do it then, and EVERYONE was talking about this place or that! And sound would come up, and I had from acros the room for conversation about sound.I would march over, find a way get in it, and be THIS IS OK, but it ain't great! I would start talking people would be like how u know all this? They would say u do know what your talking about, BUT WHERE U LEARNING FROM? Then u had THE ENGIEER GUYS, that did it ALL by the book. Would tell me what I talk about is wrong, IT ISNT THE TECHNICALLY CORRECT THINGS!

So I would tell em, and that I could play music too! Right away, the stached collars would laugh and FEH, BUMPERS CARS HAVE GOOD SOUND, sure kid! I would give em that LOOK, that usually was enough to shut em up from clowning me, but still they laughed to themselves internally!

And then, one Friday or Saturday, someone would come down to Coney Island for some Nathans Hot Dogs and some activity, and come in and check it out! And I would be right were I told em I was, they would say YOU, ITS U? YEAH MAN, ITS MEEE! Say something now!

By the time they would leave, they had big smiles on ther faces, moving to muse, scratchin heads because they cant figure how it does what it does.


This ISOLATOR is the SAME THING! IT is a GOOD value for the money piece, sounds good, makes peeps happy.

Happy is a GOOD thing.


Mr. Scott Fitlin

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