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Intersate sales are tax free!

I'll tell you what I have to deal with!

CON EDISON! Have you ever seen a $16,000 ELECTRIC BILL? That is MY bill for the month of July!

And THIS IS SO VERY MUCH THE BEAUTY of WHAT Mario Giannote did! He built something good, tuned for US! After working full days at his regular job, built it at a decent level of quality, and sells it for a FAIR PRICE!

Sure he made some money on it! And he DESERVES IT!

BUT THIS WAS WHAT " MADE IN THE USA" used to be about! Well made, good products, at FAIR prices, BUILT WITH PRIDE, and THEY DID WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD and lasted.

I give Mario TONS of credit, what you got here is a TRUE BLUE AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT! And it sounds good, and ya know?
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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