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Originally Posted by thedjay
The Sound and Lighting/video at RoseLand was done by a Very large Pro Concert
company. I forgot there name but it was a Sick Setup! 20 LAcoustic double 18"subs across the front of the stage, two Front House LAcoustic Line Arrays, Side LAcoustic Setup for the Balcony's. and two rear Line Arrays. The Video was even more impressive! There was a led screen behind the Dj about 25 feet high and 60 feet across! Plus about 15 Monster Varalights on the stage. also a Hugh Hanging Trust with Leds, strobes, and moving head lights. Victor Came on at 10am and played til 930pm!!! One of the Best After Hour sets that i have heard!! Ill post a link to some Youtube videos.

I was there Halloween, and that sounds like a similar set that was there that night for Arman Van Buren. Steve Dash did that set up.
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