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Originally Posted by djcm
I'd rather play on an original Urei in a club than in my living room. Isn't that what it's for? A club installation mixer, not a living room mixer?

You just misunderstood my point wholly. Apart from the sound, the feel and usability of an LE is EXACTLY the same as the original (ive used both btw). So unless you put yourself in a studio or audiophile situation then the alleged difference in sound between the two wouldnt make itself known in a club environment, well for at least 99% of those doing what clubs are for dancing and generally carryin on.

The club owners use the LE because it is relatively new and prob still available and as you said 3 times less in cost. So why pay 3 times more for a mixer that does the same thing EXACTLY but has a miniscule 'matter of opinion' sound difference. Lets not pip on about a vastly different sound because that is down to a matter of opinion (a word used a fair bit on this forum)

Your original point was ridiculous.

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