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Break in period and components stabilizing in sonic trait is mot BS!

If it were amp maker, and other audio devices wouldn't be put on a burn in rack, where components are left on for a specified period of time.

Caps vary and fluctuate a bit till they stabilize, some things break in quick, others take forever.

New tubes, you can hear them changing a bit till they burn in, I found the 12Ax7A to stabilize within a few days.

Harry used the right word, I find the GSA pretty transparent, and also takes on the sound of whatever else you use. And for this, I LIKE IT.

Yeah, Im sure if desired it possibly could be made even better, but you know? $895 and its really good. Hard to beat. Tell you something else! Some of the parts used, an engineer and assembly plant look and say YOU can get better! BUT, certain things chosen for a particular sound, and IT WORKS! Mario and I spoke, and Gary knows his gear, and what to use and why. They used a specific brand of carbon film resistor,nothing exotic, BUT I like the way things built with them sound. I said to mario use this, he told me that was what he used, and he and gary had discussed it.

Of course nothing in our world is perfect, even the RLA has it,s flaws. For the period I loved the RLA and these days prefer other things.

The alps pots are said to be of fair sonic quality in the audiophile world, and somehow, I like them. Most high end gear either has no attenuators or has stepped attenuators with 1% metal film resistors. But I still like pots, and pots influence sound, too.

Besides that, the GSA represents great value. It sounds beyond it's moderate price, and is useful. THIS is what makes classic gear!

I understand and respect your opinion, Kevin, about the pots, your entitled. The feeling you want are carbon composition pots, new, these are not really available widely anymore, and they wear out, and I, personally, think todays carbon comp pots are not as good as yesteryears simply because the industry no longer buys and uses the volume as they did years ago.

Conductive plastics are good, and are made well, to fairly precise tolerance. And don't get noisy with age and wear.

For what it is, at the pricepoint, Gary and Mario did a GREAT JOB! I would rather hear this than the yellow knobs thing from PDS, or Vestax.
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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