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Kevin, capacitors need break in time, not endless months IMO, but after two weeks the sound will settle into it's final tone, and your desired sonics.

Basically, what happens is that brand new caps being fresh, the dielectric is hasn't charged on and off, and signal passing thru gets weird sounding. This is why many companies have a burn in period before shipping electronics and amps.

This is the metallic, hashy texture u heard. And, yes one adjusts systems differently than when using a different brand and make as well.

I think the GSA will grow on you, its a more polite solid state sound, and at first, I also was not sure, TILL I PLAYED REAL MUSIC, and tweaked.

I will say this, MIXER IS ALL IMPORTANT! I liked the GSA with the Rane 2016, liked it with original Urei 1620, and HATED with the 1620LE. But, it is not the GSA I don't like its the LE!

I understand what your saying about the chassis, but, the RLA was the same, it will hold up. And, hey, it is made to SOUND PROPER, AND fit a PRICEPOINT, too! This was and IS important. Mario priced it right, and will sell many ISO,s I think.

You really want a tighter pot? Well you have your opinion, but they are tight enough for me.

I love the loop design too, and Im getting a pair of Summit Audio FEQ-50,s to put into the GSA loop.

Play on it more, in a few days, come tell us your thoughts then, as well.

For me, personally, I kind of like its more subtle tonal sound character, it isnt wearing off, you know? The ISO grows on me.

And the tube Summits in GSA,s loop being switchable in/out is cool, when you want tube color, and when you don;t. Consider that your listening to tube sound quite a while now, and tubes, while nice and blown up sounding they are, it is coloration. I like it too. And sometimes it gets overdone as well.

One thing is certain, I played alot of REAL music thru the GSA and it didn't make me take it out. Most DJ gear I don't like for REAL music, ya know? This is good, and I like it with everything.

It won't break, don't fear, it is built solid, more than you think. Use it!
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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