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Hey Kevin, Thanks for the review...We all cant agree on everything but that's what makes life beautiful!

As far as the chassis goes is....It looks VERY well constructed to me but I honestly couldnt care less about that. I do know that GSA went with certain design elements - NOT to be true to RLA but because they are TRIED and TESTED and have withstood the test of time. It's assuring to know that those elements are incorporated into the Isolator.

The pots feel great to me. Im with Greg on this one...I dont really want or need really tight pots on an Isolator or Crossover. They feel perfect to me.

My opinion: I LOVE IT and I never thought I'd ever replace my E&S but I have. Soundwise it's transparent and thats exactly what I want. Economically speaking, the price is right and having the extra effects switch rocks too.

It's #1 in my book....and did I mention, I have SERIAL #1.

(Also Kevin, were in the same boat as far as Isolators go...Ive tried EVERYTHING out there! It once again goes back to the fact that we're all individuals as far as our preferences and what sounds good to each of us.)

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