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Originally Posted by Dj Greg G
Gary Stewart likes to keep the spirit of RLA designs alive. I find all GSA products previous and forth coming try to stay as true to RLA as possible. I believe it's the GSA way of paying homage to RLA. If the design work probably made a difference sonically, then I would imagine the issue would be addressed.

Actually the chassis is not metal it is anodized aluminum. It is designed this way to keep the weight down, as a mobile DJ I appreciate this feature.

These RCA connectors are actually connected to the board unlike other RCA connectors that merely have a screw holding them in place. These RCA connectors have been proven to be trouble free for over 30 years.

I have several units with the same Blue ALPS pots and they all feel different. I personally don't want extremely tight pots on an Isolator. It defeats the purpose.

As far as a warm up period; well there are no tubes and there's nothing but carbon filled resistors and capacitors. You will get the same sound instantly as well as 24 hours later.

A score of 7, 7 ain't bad but I'd give it a little higher score than that because hey, nothing is perfect.

Mario on the other hand love's the number 7 ! I was at his house yesterday getting my knobs replaced on my isolator ( I decided on Bozak knobs ) and in 7 days he sold another 50 units.



I understand what you are saying, but the unit being true to RLA isn't a priority for me. I think most of us here like the RLA STYLE systems and processors etc, but there is also something to be said for expanding on Richards original ideas and principles and moving forward and bringing those ideas into the here and now by improving on them.. I mean Richard has been dead and gone for over 20 years. At some point you gotta move on lol. I don't really like the build of the chasis. That doesn't mean I don't like the unit, it just means I don't like the chasis design. Oh, and to be technical, last time I checked aluminum IS a type of metal lol.

As for the RCA connections, my issue isn't how they are connected to the board, its the huge gaping holes they come out of in the metal back of the unit. I just think that could have been done better.

As for the need of a warm up period, I agree it shouldn't need one. BUT, I don't know what to tell you man, the unit sounds better to me now then it did when i first plugged it in. I don't know why that is, I just know that it IS.

AS I said originally I like the unit over all. I even stated I plan to buy the 5 way EQ when released. But... as you say NOTHING is perfect and I simply stated my likes and dislikes about this piece. As for the number 7 your right, 7 is not a bad number OR bad rating... did I mention my unit IS serial # 7 lol
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