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Hey Kevin,

Gary Stewart likes to keep the spirit of RLA designs alive. I find all GSA products previous and forth coming try to stay as true to RLA as possible. I believe it's the GSA way of paying homage to RLA. If the design work probably made a difference sonically, then I would imagine the issue would be addressed.

Actually the chassis is not a heavy metal, it is anodized aluminum. It is designed this way to keep the weight down, as a mobile DJ I appreciate this feature.

These RCA connectors are actually connected to the board unlike other RCA connectors that merely have a screw holding them in place. These RCA connectors have been proven to be trouble free for over 30 years.

I have several units with the same Blue ALPS pots and they all feel different. I personally don't want extremely tight pots on an Isolator. It defeats the purpose.

As far as a warm up period; well there are no tubes and there's nothing but carbon filled resistors and capacitors. You will get the same sound instantly as well as 24 hours later.

A score of 7, 7 ain't bad but I'd give it a little higher score than that because hey, nothing is perfect.

Mario on the other hand love's the number 7 ! I was at his house yesterday getting my knobs replaced on my isolator ( I decided on Bozak knobs ) and in 7 days he sold another 50 units.


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